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Moving is widely acknowledged as a stressful life event. Affordable Moving & Storage ensures that our services and charges will not cause or contribute to that stress. We’re so confident about our transparency and affordability that we’re happy to provide you with a checklist of what to look for when seeking and comparing moving company quotes.

5 Things to Consider When Obtaining Moving Company Quotes

  • The company should ask as many questions as you do! A good, honest mover will obtain the most information possible from you to provide an accurate quote.
  • The mover must provide a written estimate and is required by law to send a contract to you at least 24 hours before you move.
  • Sufficient insurance coverage must be available and offered to you.
  • The moving company should not charge by the cubic foot.
  • Adding additional fees or penalties for blanket use, stairs, or other packing boxes you did not request is unethical on local moves. Companies with low hourly rates use this tactic to prey on customers who focus solely on the hourly rate when choosing a mover.

The Benefits of Using Affordable Moving & Storage

If you are moving within New Jersey, get moving quotes NJ, from Affordable Moving & Storage. As our name indicates, our rates are highly competitive as we’re local moving experts who complete numerous jobs daily. Our moving quotes always include an itemized inventory and written estimate that we adhere to, avoiding last-minute surprises. Our top-quality service and care set us apart from most low-budget movers.

Unlike other moving companies in New Jersey, with Affordable Moving & Storage, you don’t overpay for filling half a truck. We specialize in affordable small moves with lower minimums than most other companies. As an experienced, affordable moving company, we understand that complications with mortgages, closings, and the like may arise, requiring jobs to be scheduled later than you hoped.

Some moving companies use casual labor to cut costs and make moving quotes more competitive. Affordable Moving & Storage only employs experienced staff trained to execute your move smoothly and safely transport your furniture and other valuables.

The Advantages of Using Local Movers

As a local moving company, Affordable Moving & Storage does not charge extra for gas and mileage, enabling you to complete the move within your budget. The shorter distances also ensure your move is completed quickly and on schedule. In case of damages or a claim, it’s easier to resolve with a local business like ours, as every customer is crucial to us. In addition, Affordable Moving & Storage has a workers’ compensation policy that protects our employees in case of accidents like a slip or fall, without which the worker could sue the homeowner.

Our excellent reputation as an affordable moving company in our home state of New Jersey and beyond is built on word of mouth and referrals. Customer satisfaction is paramount as we depend on you for recurring business. 

Affordable Moving & Storage offers online moving quotes but supplements that with friendly, personalized service to make your moving a convenient process.

Remember, Choose local.

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