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Local Moving
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Even a move down the block can be a big deal. Contact us now for help!
Long Distance Moving
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A long distance move may cover more ground, but it shouldn't cause you greater stress on moving day!
Office Moving
Equipment, furniture, filing systems – we can move your entire office stress free!


Piano Moving
Moving a piano is no small feat! Let us handle your paino with the care it deserves!


Looking for Affordable Movers?  Let Affordable Moving & Storage Help!
Whether you're moving to a new home or relocating your business, local and affordable movers are the best choice for a smooth transition. If you're looking for affordable movers in New Jersey, look no further than Affordable Moving & Storage. We have the perfect solutions for all your moving needs.


The Advantages of Hiring Locally 

  • The Personal Touch. To a big national moving company, you may be little more than an invoice number or billing address. To a local moving company like Affordable Moving & Storage, you are our neighbor and a fellow New Jerseyan. We understand how stressful moving can be. Since we're local, we can assess your needs in person and take the extra time to ensure you get the best services and deals possible. 
  • Community Connections.  When you hire locally, you deal with people just as invested in your community as you are. We are well-networked within New Jersey and the surrounding area and eager to share our knowledge and experience. New to the area? We'll guide you to all the best local resources, from contractors to restaurants and other local attractions. Our friendly staff is ready to help!  
  • Better Availability.  Moving can be stressful under the best of circumstances. It is worse if you're stuck listening to phone menus when you have important questions. Our focus on local customers means we can be more accessible to the community we serve. If you have questions or need moving supplies, visit our offices directly.  
  • Speed and Affordability.  Moving last minute? Need same-day affordable moving services? We focus on New Jersey and the surrounding areas and can provide quotes for emergency moves with speed and affordability in mind. 

Moving Destinations We Serve

Affordable Moving & Storage is based in Middletown, NJ. Movers are also regularly dispatched from Piscataway when it suits your requirements. Currently, we facilitate moves that start or finish in the following counties -

Are you in need of Affordable Movers? 

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  • Packing and unpacking – If you're overwhelmed or running out of time, our professional staff can help pack your belongings quickly. We will also help unpack and set it up at your destination.
  • Local moving – You no longer have to pay additional gas and mileage charges to an out-of-state mover now that we're in your neighborhood. If you are moving nearby, you may want to move the things yourself. But it may jeopardize your health or damage your belongings. We specialize in local moves, and because we're fast enough to undertake several projects in a day, we pass on the savings to you.
  • Small moves – Affordable Moving & Storage enables hiring a professional and affordable mover to shift heavy or valuable items from one room to another, upstairs, or a basement. If you're renovating your house or office or staging your home, efficient and affordable moving is just a call away. We specialize in small moves but can handle big moves, too!
  • Long distance moving – Moving a home or business to another city or state is a challenge. With affordable movers like us, you can delegate most of the chores to us for quick and professional service. Many major van lines offer a 2 to 18-day delivery window. Because we're local and independent, we provide same or next-day service and weekend pickup and delivery at no extra charge. And because we're in control of the whole process, we guarantee zero disruption to your routine or business.
  • Seniors moving – Affordable Moving & Storage reduces the stress of relocating to a retirement home or a state with a warmer climate by making the transition seamless. We'll ensure that family heirlooms are safe in transit. As a local moving company, we have in-depth knowledge of the retirement and assisted living facilities in the area.
  • Apartment moving – We've assisted with many small residential moves to studios, lofts, and efficiencies in New York City and other urban centers. Moving to a large city can be expensive – but affordable moving with us can reduce your expenses.
  • Piano moving – Pianos are both heavy and delicate, so moving them requires strength and care, as well as specialized protection and equipment. We're the recommended affordable moving company for many piano stores and tuners in New Jersey, so you can rely on us.
  • Commercial moves – Unlike many moving companies, we have in-depth experience in moving businesses and are familiar with the rules and regulations of local buildings and industrial parks. We can assist in planning your office move, transporting your computers and other delicate equipment, dismantling your cubicles and workstations, and installing them in your new location. Our same or next-day service ensures zero disruption to your company's operations.
  • Warehouse moving – Affordable Moving & Storage provides a 100-point checklist to plan your move. We can also pack and transport your inventory swiftly and safely. We are affordable movers, but our services are top-of-the-line as we assign only trained and respectable personnel to move your things, reducing the risk of mislaid, stolen, or broken items.
  • Storage – Don't let unused items or excess inventory clutter your home or premises. We can transport them to a recommended clean and secure storage facility in your area.



We recommend you obtain at least three quotes from movers to make an informed decision. We're confident that when you compare them, you'll see the advantages of partnering with Affordable Moving & Storage.

  1. We pack and transport items safely, ensuring no breakages or losses.
  2. Our trucks are well-equipped with moving blankets, dollies, and all the necessary equipment. We use only late-model equipment and trucks to avoid breakdowns.
  3. We offer affordable moving by charging based on the truck's load.
  4. We stand by our quotes and make sure they're comprehensive, so there'll be no hidden costs tacked on at the end.
  5. We pack quickly and efficiently, so hourly rates are minimal. We have in-depth knowledge of our area, meaning there are no delays.
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