Affordable Moving & Storage: Your Friendly, Local Flat-Rate Movers

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Affordable Moving & Storage: Your Friendly, Local Flat-Rate Movers
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Some moving companies might underquote you initially, only to raise the price substantially in your final bill.  At Affordable Moving & Storage, we understand that moving comes with enough surprises.  We specialize in local moves, allowing us to keep our estimates as accurate as they are affordable. 

Moving Quote Considerations

Even with flat rate estimates, it’s important to ensure you’re getting the best deal possible.  Here are some considerations we recommend:

  • The moving company representative should ask as many questions as you do.
  • Ask our representatives as many questions as you want and provide all the essential information for a seamless process.
  • We relocate all your belongings safely, heavy or light, without damaging the property. 
  • Unlike other movers who may offer unusually low hourly rates only to increase them later with hidden fees for stair use, blankets, etc., we have a flat rate.
  • We offer a written estimate and signed contract at least 24 hours before your move.  This locks in your rate and ensures that our flat-rate movers show up on your moving day. Many movers with hidden surprises will tell you that they will bring you the paperwork on a moving day.

Why Choose Affordable Moving & Storage as your Flat Rate Movers

  • We’re local flat-rate movers.  Being familiar with New Jersey and the surrounding area means fewer surprises for us and you. We can accurately assess your moving rate thanks to our extensive knowledge and experience.  We have moved many customers in New York and New Jersey’s residential areas, including apartment complexes, suburbs, and 55+ communities.
  • We believe in precision.  We hate surprises as much as you do and wish you the smoothest flat-rate moving experience possible.  We take pride in our work and would like you to recommend us to your friends and coworkers looking for flat rate movers. 
  • We’re invested in our community.  We specialize in local moves in New Jersey and the surrounding area.  As local flat rate movers, our loyalties are always with the customer, whether you're coming or leaving the area.  We’re proud to have repeat customers who come to us for all their moving needs, big and small. 

Affordable Moving & Storage:  The Flat Rate Movers You Need

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