5 Packing Tips For Your Office Moves

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5 Packing Tips For Your Office Moves
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At long last, you've started to think about your office move. Many businesses put off packing because it's hard work packing and relocating! Like anything else, the trick to a successful business move is advance planning. Select a reputable company with expertise in office and commercial moving. Ask them what they will be responsible for packing and what your office must pack. These packing tips will save you a lot of stress as moving day approaches.

Office Move Packing Tips

Office Packing Tip #1: Sell or donate office equipment you don't need

If you no longer need or want certain items, there's no sense in paying to have them moved.  An office move is the perfect time to purge your business of old printers, PCs, and office furniture. You can try selling this equipment if it's in decent condition. Or, if you donate your unwanted items to a registered charity, you can get a tax break.

Office Packing Tip #2: Start packing early

If there's one thing you need to know about packing, it's that it takes time and lots of it. Start packing items you don't use as soon as possible. Packing up your office is time-consuming. If you have a lot of papers and items to go through, give yourself several weeks. This will make the business moving experience more organized and less stressful.

Office Packing Tip #3: Label your boxes correctly

Mark your boxes as you pack. This allows movers to pack, track and unpack boxes and equipment at your new location. It also makes it easy to locate what they're looking for when they arrive at your new office space. Be sure to mark both the tops and sides of your boxes. One strategy is number the boxes and keep a corresponding list.

Office Packing Tip #4: Keep your computers and electronics safe

Companies fear that their valuable equipment will get damaged during an office move. Pack computers by wrapping each monitor with anti-static bubble wrap and taping them. Make sure not to get any tape on the monitor itself! Don't place the monitors in boxes and never stack computers on top of each other. To protect yourself during the move, make sure to backup your data onto a removable hard drive.

Pack computers, printers and copiers properly to avoid damage during the move. Remember to remove printer and toner cartridges. Tape down lids, covers and remove any attachments. Check each device's moving instructions. Moving them improperly could lead to damaging the device and voiding the warranty.  

Office Packing Tip #5: Computer cable 101

When you're packing your computers you want to ensure that no cables get left behind, lost or damaged. That's why it's so important that you remove them before packing the computers away. Simply remove one cable at a time and place them in a large zip-locked bag. Mark a number on the computer and the same number on the bag so you know which computer they belong to. You'll appreciate this system when you're reassembling your computer! Affordable Moving & Storage is a top-rated New Jersey moving company. We make sure your office move is smooth and bump-free. Contact us to discuss your move and arrange a free on-site estimate.

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