Aberdeen Township, NJ

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Aberdeen Township, NJ
Mon, 07/11/2016 - 13:30 -- Mark

Affordable Moving & Storage provides quality moving assistance to those relocating within the Tri-State area. We have a team of experienced and qualified movers that can move your items safely so you can experience a hassle-free moving process in Aberdeen Township.

About Aberdeen Township, NJ

Aberdeen Township is located in Monmouth County, and has a total land area of 7.774 square miles. It is a suburban community that features shopping centers, residential properties, and light industries. The township is also home to the Henry Hudson Trail, which is a 9-mile paved trail constructed on top of the old Central Railroad of New Jersey.

Popular Neighborhoods that We Serve in Aberdeen Township

  • River Gardens
  • Freneau
  • Oakshades
  • Woodfield
  • Cliffwood Beach

Why Trust Affordable Moving & Storage for Your Moving Needs in Aberdeen Township?

Affordable Moving & Storage offers significant cost savings to customers who need our moving services. The reason for this is because unlike many other moving companies, we don't charge extra for space within our trucks that is unused, and we also understand the importance of abiding by our quotes and packing your belongings as quickly and efficiently as possible so your hourly rates are kept low. We use moving tools such as blankets, dollies and coverings designated to make sure your items arrive at the destination in a safe and secure manner. We are very familiar with the areas we operate in and we do not hire casual labor. Choose Affordable Moving & Storage today and relocate in style with us!