Why Hire A Professional for a Small, Local Move?

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Why Hire A Professional for a Small, Local Move?
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Picture this: Your parents are downsizing to a condo and don’t have the space to fit all of their furniture. You have the perfect place for their beautiful vintage dining room table and chairs. Because you live just a few blocks away, you’re tempted to move the furniture with a friend or two.

Or maybe you’re finally redecorating or installing new carpet upstairs and need to move your furniture into the hallway until the job is done. You contemplate asking your cousins to help out for a few hours.

But, are you really confident a DIY move is the right move?

Well-meaning friends and family may be happy to help, but that doesn’t make them fit for the job, even when it comes to small moves. Without professional movers, you may damage the objects being carried or the walls, floors and doorways. You might find that you can’t fit items in a minivan, through an entranceway or up and down a narrow flight of stairs. A DIY move also means putting yourself or volunteer movers at risk of personal injury.

Often times, DIY moves involve spending more time and money than you ever bargained for. It is almost always worth it to hire a professional moving company known for executing small moves safely and affordably so you can have peace of mind without having to break the bank.

Affordable Moving & Storage specializes in small residential moves and small business moves. As New Jersey’s local small move and apartment moving specialists, we complete multiple small moves every day, enabling us to offer competitive pricing. Our minimums are lower than most other movers, making it affordable for you to use a professional mover for any moving job. W

Affordable Moving & Storage is here to help…

  • Move one or two items – a piano, refrigerator, piece of exercise equipment or gun safe

  • Shift furniture inside the same residence to allow for renovations or repairs

  • Move fragile antiques or heavy marble pieces

  • Safely relocate hard to maneuver furniture

  • Rearrange rooms for home staging or selling

  • And much more!

Our professional small moving team has the equipment necessary to safely move large, heavy, delicate or awkwardly shaped furniture and technological equipment without damaging them or your walls, ceilings, floors or stairwells in the process. We also have the proper padding and protective equipment so you can have peace of mind that your belongings will arrive at their new destination in the same condition they were in before moving day.

Need to move a piano or pool table to another room in your home? Moving to a college dorm room, retirement living facility or apartment a few blocks away? Need to move your furniture away from the walls so you can put on a badly needed fresh coat of paint? Now you can avoid the unnecessary headache, hassle and huge potential costs of a DIY move. Affordable Moving & Storage is in the business of small local moves. It’s our bread and butter! Because we specialize in local moves and work efficiently to execute several every day, we are able to pass the savings on to you.


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