Moving Tips: The Last Items That Should Be Packed On Moving Day

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Moving Tips: The Last Items That Should Be Packed On Moving Day
Moving Tips

Packing up a home is such a huge task that we tend to think focus on the big picture and the large items. How many boxes we will need for our clothes? How are we going to move that piano? What’s the best way to wrap our artwork to protect it? The worst is realizing you don't have what you need for your last night home because you packed it. Here are some moving tips for how to avoid being stuck in that situation.

General Moving Tips

Use color coding for each room. Coding helps group boxes together. You'll find which ones you need to go through if you packed something which you find you need.

Make detailed lists of the contents of each box. You’ll know which of the 10 boxes labeled “Kitchen” holds the kettle. Now it's easy to make a refreshing cup of tea on arrival at your new home. You can write a short list on the box itself and a more detailed inventory on a document.

Pretend you’re taking an airplane trip. You’d carry a coat or raincoat and pack a change of clothing, toiletries and snacks in your overnight bag.

Ask For Help

Use your mover's packing & unpacking services. Moving on your own often means placing your sofas behind mountains of boxes. If you must have your new home or office up and running as soon as possible use your mover’s packing and unpacking services. Ours are affordable and can cut much of the stress of a move, leaving you refreshed and organized.

Ask your moving company for tips and suggestions. We’re a professional moving company with trained staff which means we know all the tricks of our trade. We don’t just show up on moving day. We work with our clients throughout the process to ensure they have an easy and stress-free move.

Room Specific Moving Tips

When packing bedrooms, put aside bedding for the last sleep in your former home and the first sleep in your new one. You’ll need a good, comfortable sleep to feel refreshed and less stressed. And don’t forget to put aside a child’s favorite blanket or the stuffed animal they sleep with each night in a safe place. Moving is a big change for children and you don’t want tears on your first night at an unfamiliar home.

Have towels, soap, toothbrushes and toothpaste handy for the bathroom. A refreshing shower will be a pleasure upon arrival at your destination. If it looks like you’re running out of time, consider asking your mover for some last minute help. Affordable Moving & Storage has often stepped in to finish packing a home or office. We know that many people underestimate how long it takes to pack up a whole home.

Put aside some plates and silverware, your toaster and coffee machine. Some people prefer to use disposables towards the end of a move or to eat out for a few days after moving. If you don’t want to do either, it’s easy to make simple meals with a frying pan (don’t forget the egg flipper!), toast and coffee. Remember you’ll need paper towels and dish detergent too.

Make your television available until the end and arrange for quick installation. Keep a few favorite DVDs accessible too. You’ll have a distraction for your children and can relax if you’re too tired to unpack immediately. Televisions range in weight from 30 to 80 pounds and can be damaged in a move. It’s best that your moving company packs and carries them. Affordable Moving & Storage knows how to handle your largest items safely. We’re also experts at moving heavy but delicate items like pianos, as well as gun safes and fine art.

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