Learn To Avoid Common Moving Mistakes!

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Learn To Avoid Common Moving Mistakes!
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Moving can be an exciting experience but the excitement usually dies down when we start thinking of the actual moving process. If this is your first time moving, then you need to be well prepared to avoid being overwhelmed by the whole process. If you have moved before and you still find the process too tedious, then that could be a sign that you are doing something you should not. This article will highlight the common moving mistakes that you need to avoid for a stress-free move.

Settling for a Wrong Moving Company

We can all agree that Google has made our lives a lot easier when it comes to searching for goods and services. But equally it has also brought its share of scammers and that is why you need to be careful when searching for movers online. You need to check if they are licensed by a state of department of transportation and whether their employees have their backgrounds checked.

Also, check reviews about the companies you consider to see what other clients have to say about their services. Don’t be in a rush to settle for a moving company just because they are offering the lowest prices. When it comes to moving, remember that you need to pick an experienced moving company.

Packing Heavy Boxes

It is very tempting to pack a lot of things in one box to save on storage space. We end up stacking a lot of things in one box and this can cause a lot of inconveniences. This mistake can cause a lot of breakages that may cost you more in the long run. It is a basic rule that heavy objects like cutlery and books need to go in smaller boxes. Try to keep each box under 50 pounds.

Not Having the Right Doorway Measurements of Your New Home

It is always wise to take some time off and go check the place you are moving to physically. Take measurements of your furniture and check whether they will fit the entrance of your new home. Imagine going through all the trouble of moving just to find out that your furniture can’t fit the doorway.

Packing Materials that are Dangerous

Before moving any dangerous items that are flammable and corrosive, you need to inform the moving company. Most moving companies don’t move such items unless you are on a special arrangement with them. You need to make special arrangement for high-risk items like leftover fireworks or barbecue lighter fluid. Not doing so can bring about serious implications or cause accidents.

Not Labeling Boxes

One of the reasons you don’t have to wait to the last minute to pack before moving is to have more time to sort through things and label them correctly. Packing in a hurry can make you forget to label a few boxes. This is a disaster especially when it comes to unpacking at your new house. You will not know which box needs to go where and you end up wasting a lot of time sifting through the boxes to identify them.

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