How To Store Furniture With Care In Self-Storage

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How To Store Furniture With Care In Self-Storage
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You may want to store furniture away for various reasons; one of which is during the time when you are redecorating your house. Also, you may have moved to a smaller house, and you need self-storage for the additional items you currently have but cannot store in your new house. Storage can become a headache if you have no idea where to start, but some moving companies do provide solutions that prove to be worthwhile. In fact, one of their specialties is giving you that secure space to keep your extra stuff. When it comes to storing furniture over a long period of time, here's what you have to consider:

Avoid Plastic Covers

With their ability to repel liquids and lock dust out, plastic covers may seem like the perfect option to use. Unfortunately they are not quite a good option for everything. Why? Furniture needs to breathe, as weird as that sounds. Plastic suffocates the furniture and leads to damage from condensation.Choose cotton covers, bed sheets or even blankets.

Protect Fragile Parts

Furniture, naturally, is made of some parts that are more fragile than the rest of the other parts. Bed posts, or chair spindles are good examples here.You have to protect these areas from breakages, or getting scratched.Buy some bubble wrap and wrap each part firmly to provide enough protection. If possible, disassemble,wrap in the bubble wrap and label them to avoid confusion during reassembly. Cover any glass surfaces with a towel, bed sheet or packing papers in order to avoid scratches.

Mattresses, fabric furniture or cushions can be covered with plastics, which prevents dust and tears in the fabric. It is advisable to have the storage carpeted. In the event that it is not, spread blankets, towels or bed sheets underneath the furniture for protection, especially if the furniture is kept facing down.

Use Covers That Fit Perfectly

Go for covers that are made to specification. Covers that are too tight will suffocate the furniture, and those too loose will leave spaces where dust can seep through.Make sure it is of the right length,not too long either, as it’ll cause an accident from tripping.Neither should it be too short because dust will find an inlet.There are stores that sell covers that are custom- fit for different furniture pieces. You have to however make sure you test the covers and make sure they fit properly.

Clean The Furniture

It may seem ridiculous to you to clean furniture before storage. Well, the reasoning behind this is that the furniture may play host to bacteria and other microorganisms that might make the items more susceptible to mold and mildew while in long term storage. Weather-proof the items with an added layer of polish or oil.

To prevent wood from cracking, it has to be treated with furniture polish, with an added layer of sealant. Know what product to use for specific materials.  Research properly and make sure you are sure what products to use, otherwise you may end up damaging the furniture.The best part of all this is you can take good care of them using all the tips given and finding more by researching online,especially on furniture treatment.

One additional word of caution though, make sure you get professional movers to help you dissemble and shift the furniture to the storage facility so that it does not get damaged even before you start implementing all the good practices for furniture storage!

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