How To Achieve A Successful Office Move

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How To Achieve A Successful Office Move
Office Moving

Moving a business is no easy task. The process of packing and unpacking office itemscan take quite a lot of time. Vital equipmentmay get misplaced in the process, which adds to more confusion and the business becomes inefficient in its operations. However, with adequate planning, both time and money can be saved. Here are some of the pertinent tips that can help you achieve a successful office move:


It’s imperative that you always plan ahead. Have a floor plan ready and prepare a seating chart. Everyone gets to know where they should go. Make sure you also get signage done which makes it easier for the movers to know where each item goes, with minimum confusion. You can also ask the mover to assign one of their personnel to oversee the entire moving operations and act as the single point of contact on moving day. This is to prevent confusion and can help to streamline the office move on that day itself.

Get an Estimate

You need to get your preferred commercial movers to send someone to your business premises and carry out an inventory assessment before theoffice move. An estimate is usually not done online without physically visiting the premises, because it’s easy to get overcharged or the mover may provide a cheaper estimate but slap the bill on you later.The mover also needs to see what is being moved and assess the amount of labor, moving equipment or tools involved.

Listen to the Advice Given by the Movers

Always listen to any advice given while the mover surveys your office premises. These suggestions will usually come from a place of experience and expertise, and will eventually help to save on time and money as well as prevent damage to your office items. For example, let's say you have a row of 6-drawer file cabinets. Reputable commercial movers will often tell you to remove the top three drawers (even though it's possible to move the entire cabinets on their own) so that this can minimize the risks of damage to the cabinets during the move.


If there is anything available that goes a long way in making your move easier and more efficient, useit. Single cardboard boxes have become obsolete and givenway to reusable plastic containers or totes.Carts are also used to cart things around, saving lots of time. The mover will assess just how many totes and carts will be necessary in the move and makes sure they are available days before the move.This way, the employees will pack them with the necessary items and label them.The totes are then picked up later.

Get Rid of Clutter Early

You should always declutter before you move your office. Not only will your office move be done faster, you can also cut down on the moving costs. Think about throwing out or shredding old paper documents that are no longer needed or selling your damaged computer equipment to scraps dealers. You should also get your staff involved in decluttering so that the process can be carried out effectively.

Moving your office needs not be the nightmare it’s purported to be. With these simple tips, it can be done with minimum stress to you and your employees!

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